LAH Shared Learning

Due to an increase in cost to use the church, and still facing a shortage of parents willing to teach classes, Shared Learning will be joining with the YMCA.

We will meet every Tuesday from 1-3:30.

We will split into three age-groups, and make 3 rotations of 1 hour swim, 45 min sports, and 45 min of games.  About half the swim and sport time will be spent in instruction.

This is mostly a drop off program, but because the YMCA is keeping the cost down for us, we will need to help with crowd control.







Shared Learning Panel Members:

J. Buckles, L. Baugher, P. Fisher,


God’s World News Publications

Each issue of God's World News provides engaging and challenging content written from a Biblical viewpoint.  Stories are selected and presented to show how our merciful, sovereign God is active in the world and written to build discernment and a biblical perspective of the news, so young people learn to think in a Christian way about what is happening in God's world.  God's World News comes in four different reading levels, each with a special focus on teaching skills for a particular age group:  Early Edition (Pre-K-1st grade), Taking Off (2nd-3rd grades), News Current (4th-5th grades), and Top Story (6th-9th grades).  Students will receive a total of seven monthly magazines, plus a December issue that may be viewed online, for a discounted price of $8.25 per school year.  For more information, visit the God's World News website at  Beginning in September, issues will be placed in the family files during Shared Learning sessions.  Issues may be mailed to your home address by providing self-addressed stamped envelopes.   

Scholastic Book Orders

Scholastic is the largest publisher and distributor of children's books in the world. Throughout the school semester, parents will have the opportunity to order books and software for students from every reading level at unbeatable prices. Books arrive approximately two weeks after the order has been placed and will be distributed at Shared Learning sessions. In addition, for every dollar spent, Shared Learning earns Bonus Points to use towards the purchase of free books, software, and resources for classroom use. For more information, contact